Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sorry It's Been So Long...

Hello everyone!

This is terrible - can it really be nearly eighteen months since I last posted?!

The only excuse I can offer is that unfortunately real life has been getting in the way rather a lot recently, although I realise that I'm probably not the only person to say that...

The funny thing is, looking back at all the things I hoped would happen in 2012, I'm pleased to say that most of them actually happened!  Not sure if it'll work again, but here goes...

In 2013, I hope to: go to the theatre and cinema more often; visit London again; see David on stage again; have a holiday by the sea; and see David at another convention.

Of course, this is a bit of a cheat, as I've already managed to get tickets to see David in 'Richard II' at both the RSC and the Barbican (although technically that's not until 2014) - as for another convention, I'll have to wait and see, although I think he might be a bit busy this year..

As for 2012, the highlights by a long way were going to London to see the pilot run-through for the 'Comedy World Cup' in September, and then meeting David again at 'Midnight' in December - I've been meaning to write up proper detailed accounts of these for ages, and I promise I'll do it soon, but I'm afraid they'll have to wait for another day.

I can say that meeting David again was absolutely amazing - in my wildest dreams, I never even thought that I'd be lucky enough to meet him once, but twice!  And I even managed to pluck up the courage to shake his hand, too!

It looks like 2013 is going to be a David-filled year - we've already had the brilliant 'Spies Of Warsaw', we're halfway-through the gripping 'Broadchurch', then it's 'The Politician's Husband' and then back to the stage for 'Richard II' - not to mention the fantastic news that the Doctor will be back for the 50th anniversary in November - I can't wait!!

Anyway, instead of the daft excuses, I really am going to make sure it's not another year or more before I write again - I mean it this time!



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