Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!

I know I promised I'd post more often, but real life has gotten in the way recently...

I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year - as you know, 2011 was absolutely amazing, thanks in no small part to a certain tall, skinny Scottish bloke - so here's to 2012!

I always make a point of never making any New Year's resolutions, but I'm hoping to go to the theatre and cinema more often this year - apart from 'Much Ado', my other theatrical highlight of 2011 was seeing a production of 'Anthony & Cleopatra' by the Creation Theatre Company on the roof of the Said Business School in Oxford, which was absolutely brilliant! It was a real challenge to see a Shakespeare play I knew nothing about, and like 'Much Ado', it had been transferred to a more modern setting, which worked really well!

I'm also hoping to visit London again - I so enjoyed being there for 'Much Ado', and what with the build-up to the Olympics starting now, it's a really exciting time for our capital!

Obviously I would love to see David in another play sometime soon, and it would be fantastic if he appeared at another convention - I'm looking forward to hearing what new projects he has coming up this year.

And as it's a new year, here's a new David photo (from 'Love Life'):

Anyway, again I promise not to leave it quite so long before my next update - in the meantime, I hope you're all well and happy and had a lovely Christmas and New Year!



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